LARISA BORZA aka LARISS, the star since her debut with “DALE PAPI”, the Romanian version of PENELOPE CRUZ.

Everyone went crazy with “DALE PAPI”, currently with over 80M views on YouTube, the song of the singer LARISS, under her stage name. Who is LARISS?

How pretty! Two artists born a child who promises to be a famous artist. Miss LARISA BORZA, born in Iasi, Romania, had a great affinity for music from an early age. From the age of the first alphabet, the child was impressed by music, dance and fashion.

How else with a ballerina mother? We think that LARISS resembles her father if we are to believe those who say that beautiful girls inherited their beauty from their father. And far be it from us not to emphasize the beauty of the mother. Nothing else could come out of two beautiful people. The world hastened to liken LARISS to the Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ.

Upon a more detailed observation, LARISS has something of Miss CATRINEL MENGHIA’s air. The beauty of girls born in our MOLDOVA. And what big eyes LARISS has, as beautiful as those of ANALEA SELIS, and LARISS is the newest example.

With her appetite and talent for the arts, LARISA’s professional path was clear. After finishing high school, our beautiful LARISS enrolled at the MUSIC ACADEMY in Bucharest. His teacher was MIRCEA TIBERIAN. LARISS had the chance to take classes with the famous CRINA MARDARE, and even sang in her studio. LARISS says that MIRCEA TIBERIAN and CRINA MARDARE are without a doubt her MENTORS.

In college, she fell in love with improvisation classes where students were given free rein for creativity and musical themes. LARISS tried all the styles to see what suits her. She sang jazz, folklore, R&B, rock, pop. She got used to the tumult of the capital and managed to join PAULA SELING’s team as a backing vocalist.

On the huge stage at EUROVISION when PAULA SELING represented ROMANIA, LARISS experienced some special emotions. That was the moment when she decided that she wanted to sing. For people, with the help of music that makes their soul happy.

A few years have passed and LARISS kept its word. She perfected his vocal technique, went to concerts, entered the best studios in Romania, got to know the people behind the success of several hits, became ambitious, and now, since November 2014, she seems to be floating.

On December 8, 2014, she appeared for the first time in a television show during his first participation in “NEATA CU RAZVAN si DANI”. She started working on his first song and that’s how the video for the song “DALE PAPI” appeared, which on short time had over 2 million views. The song was promoted on the most listened radio stations from RADIO PRO FM in “Matinalul de tinut minte” with ANDREI GHEORGHE and GRIGG to RADIO ZU station with BUZDUGAN and MORAR then KISS FM and RADIO 21.

LARISS has attitude and knows how to read and write in English. The great ANDREI GHEORGHE praised her for her impeccable diction. No one was better suited to say this, but only ANDREI GHEORGHE who is basically an English teacher.

The success of the song “DALE PAPI” also brought LARISEA BORZA a job at PRO FM in the hottest morning show on Romanian FM. ANDREI GHEORGHE and GRIGG, the producers of the morning program from PRO FM, bet on the potential of Miss LARISS, and so she chose not only a job but also a lot of publicity. The column created by LARISS at the beginning of its radio activity is already a column awaited by fans, from children to adults, everyone admires LARISS.

It’s up to her to turn this stormy debut into a successful career. LARISS’s voice sounded extraordinary. You wouldn’t even have said listening to her that she is really an artist from Romania. LARISS sings covers, has shooting sessions, radio sessions and appears on television shows. This girl had to be “invented” if she didn’t exist.

She had warned us on her Facebook page: “READY OR NOT, YOU CAN’T HIDE, I M GONNA FIND YOU AND TAKE IT SLOWLY”. Yes, who would stay out of her way? Her music delights us.

Her appearance as a “cat” pleases our eyes, isn’t it, gentlemen? LARISS wore a “tiger” bodysuit and showed us her physical assets. Next to the photo, LARISS tells us that she is proud of how she looks, a sign that she is determined to walk the path of music. She will accept photo shoots and magazine appearances, but music is already part of her life. She currently collaborates with the teams from PONOGRAM RECORDS & GLOBAL RECORDS, but also with those from MIDIOTS aka DAVID CLIENTE & SHIFT, they are responsible for the successes of the songs “DUPA ANI SI ANI” sing by GEORGE NICOLESCU in a duet with VIZI IMRE but also ” SUS PE TOC” a featuring with MARIUS MOGA.

The same team above, MIDIOTS, is responsible for “DALE PAPI” sing by LARISS. The first single and the first success of the singer LARISS is the song sing in Spanish. It is called “DALE PAPI” as the world knows it from now on. The original song comes from SPAIN. At PRO FM, LARISS sang KIM CESARION in a live session. Another remix followed “BEAT TRAP”.

Everywhere on the radio and music stations the song “DALE PAPI” is intensively promoted and you hear “MUEVETE, MUEVETE” everywhere.

LARISS is a real feline in appearance. It’s her time now. She’s skillfully exploited and promoted talent led to she’s first success since his debut on the big stage.

Let’s not forget to say that LARISS is aware and admits that she had the support of the singer ALEXANDRA STAN, she was the one who helped her and who lobbied her, then INNA also jumped in with encouragement.

Even the manelists got “sick” from “DALE PAPI”. NEK did a song “DALE DALE”. Hop and DELIA with “DALE” then ADI from VALCEA with “DALE NALE”.

Her name is LARISA BORZA aka LARISS. She has everything she needs to “wear” the FAME.

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